EP. 287
EP. 287

What’s in your bag?

ZA Tech Show . Tue at 14:00 . 60 min

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It’s the last episode for 2013 and Bret Haggard, Steven Ambrose and David Greenway go through their gadget picks of the year. There’s a little bit of news thrown in for good measure too. Topics discussed include:

  • The new R99 uncapped ADSL offer  from Incredible Connection;
  • Amazon Prime Air;
  • The iPad Air arrives in South Africa;
  • Blizzard has delayed the WoW movie;
  • South African game, Stasis reaches its kickstarter target; and
  • An SA Animated short gets Vimeo staff pic.

The team goes through their gadgets of the year and picks a gadget to rule them all.

  • Steven Ambrose picks one of the new 4K TVs;
  • David Greenway picks either the LG G2 or Apple’s iPhone 5s; and
  • Brett Haggard picks the Sphero Nubby cover.