EP. 318
EP. 318

Deep Geek

ZA Tech Show . Tue at 14:00 . 60 min

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After a brief hiatus, ZA Tech Show returns with’s Brett Haggard in the driver’s seat and StrategyWorx’s Steven Ambrose along for the ride. The guys discuss:

  • LTE Advanced vs Fibre to the Home;
  • Orange’s Video and Radio app with local content;
  • The Nokia Tablet and all the confusion around it;
  • Blackberry and Samsung working together in the Enterprise;
  • The iOS 8.11 download;
  • The two blue ticks in WhatsApp; and
  • The MTN Steppa and Tab.
Our technology picks of the week are:
  • Steven picks Telkom LTE-Advanced; and
  • Brettski picks the WoW ‘Warlords of Draenor’ expansion and the Jabra Sports Pulse.