EP. 311
EP. 311

Random Ramblings

ZA Tech Show . Tue at 14:00 . 60 min

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Episode information

Craig Wilson rejoins Adam Oxford and Brett Haggard this week for a random episode all about the week’s weirdest tech news. Topics include:

  • Man defrauds Apple of $300k;
  • Qualcomm declared a Monopoly in China;
  • The Nvidia powered Tango Tablet;
  • First Yo, now Mirage;
  • Facebook forcing messenger use on iPhone/Android;
  • HTC One M8 coming in Windows 8.1;
  • Shadow of Mordor coming early; and
  • UJ’s Solar Car.

Out technology picks of the week are:

  • Craig picks Onefastcat on Kickstarter;
  • Adam picks 3D Printed Titanium Jaws and Poor Man’s Spotify; and
  • Brett picks the Bric-a-pic Kickstarter and Kingston’s Datatraveler microDUO.