EP. 273
EP. 273

Full House

ZA Tech Show . Tue at 14:00 . 60 min

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Quirk and Take Back the Day’s  Sam Beckbessinger (@greenham_sam), StrategyWorx’s Steven Ambrose (@ambio) and MyBroadBand’s Jan Vermeulen (@janvza) join Brett Haggard (@Brettski) in a crammed studio to discuss this week’s goings on in the tech sector. Topics include:

  • Steve Ballmer’s resignation from Microsoft;
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s;
  • Afrihost’s Data Deal is still the cheapest;
  • Waze and Google Maps;
  • The COJ and Ekurhuleni data leaks;
  • The Fritzbox; and
  • Execmobile’s launch of ‘unlimited’.

Our technology picks of the week are:

  • Sam Beckbessinger picks on the Windhoek Beer Drone (at Oppikoppi) and picks ‘Gone Home‘ on Steam;
  • Steven Ambrose picks the Fritzbox;
  • Jan Vermeulen picks Richard Stallman’s upcoming appearance at Software Freedom Day; and
  • Brett Haggard picks Slicer and Snap.