EP. 010
EP. 010


Take Back the Day . Mon at 14:07 . 60 min

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We’re popping our pees in this conversation about sleep and the perils of the internet. Tracking your sleep, getting more of it and the segmented sleep phenomenon all make their way into the chat too. Along with a whole lot of awesome, Charles Bukowski and some swearwords.

Stuff mentioned in this episode:


Sam mentioned using Sleep as Android to track her sleep, while Simon mentioned using Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock and now quantifying himself with FitBit.





  • Gerdus

    Surprised you didn’t mention f.lux ( It is a software utility that adjusts your screen colour after hours to emit less blue light. Blue light being the enemy of sleepiness.

    • Simon Dingle

      Thanks for the heads-up. Looks like an awesome piece of software.

      It doesn’t surprise me that we didn’t mention it, since we didn’t know it existed.